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How do I know I have my “running legs” back? Because this morning I went for a 15-mile run (my long run for the week) and for the first time since I returned home from vacation and started training for realsies, I did not genuinely contemplate chucking myself over the railing and into the Hudson River as a means to end what felt like real and true torture.

Oh, the dramatics of the long-distance runner.

Anyways, seriously, today’s run was the first one I’ve had where I did not feel, to put it bluntly, like complete cr*p.  Instead, I actually felt pretty good! It helps that the weather was perfect (mid-70’s and low humidity) and I think my insane few weeks of training are paying off.

I’m definitely going to cut back a little bit though, now that I feel caught up in my training.  Obviously I’ll still be running absurd distances but the last four weeks, I’ve really been pushing myself to train a bit more and bit harder than I would have otherwise.

Just for fun, here’s my weekly workout log:

Thursday, 8/4- 5.5 Mile Run

Friday, 8/5- 45:00 Medium-Resistance Elliptical

Saturday, 8/6– 14 Mile Run

Sunday, 8/7– One-Hour Total Body Conditioning Class

Monday, 8/8– 45:00 Medium-Resistance Elliptical

Tuesday, 8/9- 7 Mile Run

Wednesday, 8/10– 40:00 Low Resistance Elliptical

Thursday, 8/11– 15 Mile Run

I had to switch my long run from Saturday to Thursday this week because I’m going out of town and I’m not about to let marathon training get in my way of having a good time!  I did my run today so that I could enjoy myself both Friday and Saturday night this weekend (can I get a ‘wut wut’ for white wine?) and not have to worry about being hydrated and well-nourished andrested for a long run.  Win!

Also, here’s what I typically wear for a long run, in case you’re curious:

I’ve been doing a much better job of applying sunscreen before I go out (Mom, aren’t you happy?) and lately I’ve been adding an old Reebok hat that’s made of a water-wicking fabric (it’s not your typical baseball cap) to keep the sun off my face.  I make sure my shirt is technical (aka not cotton) and I love my Sugoi compression shorts (read-booty shorts!).  Although I’m obviously less than thrilled to show off my massive, muscly legs in this manner, when it comes to preventing chafing, these shorts are clutch (chafing is the worst.  THE.  WORST.)

Speaking of chafing, if things do start to rub together in an unpleasant manner, throw some Body Glide on the parts that hurt, I swear by the stuff!


And finally, even though I wore a pair of technical socks, it wasn’t enough to prevent the dreaded blisters. Lucky you guys, I’m going to show a photo of my bloody sock so I can feel uber-hardcore (don’t look if you’re squeamish.) Yikes!

I also wear an iPod and use my Garmin Forerunner 305 (it’s the bomb-diggety!) but I’m going to talk about those guys in another post.

So that’s all for now, folks, I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on with this whole marathon training stuff, I’m finally starting to feel excited by it all and not actually scared outta my mind!




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I know a lot of runners who are obsessed with running.  Like, run every single day, rain or shine, without taking a break.  I am not one of those runners.  I firmly believe in the power of cross-training and I know my body’s limits.  If I were to run every single day, I’d be injured quicker than when I have to sprint to the bathroom after completing long run (what? You don’t have that problem?)

For example, even though it’s a beautiful (albeit brisk) fall morning, I’m going to a conditioning class at my gym with my dear high school friend, in an effort to catch up while getting in our requisite cardiovascular activity.  Some runners might scoff at this but I say “phooey” to all those who would.

Since I’m on my feet almost all day (I teach physical education,) my shins and arches can only take so much pounding.  So about two or three times a week (depending on my motivation) I cross-train.  Sometimes I elliptical, sometimes I do strength training, sometimes I do the stairmaster and today, I’m taking a class.

Personally, I think cross-training actually improves my running ability.  This way, when I hit the pavement tomorrow, my step will be springy (or fall-y? HA!) and my shins won’t ache.

Does running only three to four days a week make me less of a “runner?” Not in my mind.  Something to consider to those of you out there who are hesitant to call yourselves “runners” because you think you don’t run “enough.” Do you have a pair of running shoes? Do you frequently go outside of your house in these sneakers and put one foot in front of the other in a motion that is faster than walking?

If you answered yes to these (silly, rhetorical) questions, then you’re a runner, just like me.

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