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Weight Training At Home

Well, Jeepers, there’s nothing like a snow day to jump-start one’s blogging, eh?

Yup, I’m think I’m back.  Hoo-rah.

Anyways, I wanted to share this quick, beginner’s strength-training session that I led with some of my faculty running club members yesterday (We’re training for a half-marathon.)

It can easily be done at home in about 20 minutes for days when you can’t (or won’t) get to the gym but want to get some sort of work-out in.

Here it is-

Warm-Up: 5:00 of easy cardiovascular activity.  Ours included about 1:00 each of jogging (around the gym but you could do it in place if you’re at home,) skipping, carioca, jumping rope, jumping jacks, arm circles and a few boxing moves thrown in for good measure.

We used 4 lb or 6 lb medicine balls but you could use almost anything laying around the house (sometimes I use a large, filled water bottle.) The numbers refer to how many repetitions of the exercise we did.


-12 x Forward Lunges on each leg (step forward while holding weight at waist and bend both knees, then stand back up straight.)

-1o x Grand Plies (feet shoulder width apart, toes turned out, holding weight at waist, bend knees.)

-12 x Sideways Lunges on each leg (step sideways, bend knee, lower weight to foot, return to starting position and repeat on the other side.)

-10 x Squat and Jumps (deep squat, then jump, exploding upwards.)


-12 x Tricep Dips with med ball (hold weight above head, bend elbows and lower behind head, then return to starting position.)

-12 x Lateral Raises (hold weight with arms straight out in front, raise up and down.)

-12 x Push Forward (hold weight at chest with elbows bent, push weight forward, then return to starting position.)


-10 x Side-To-Side Leans (holding weight above head, slowly lean to one side then return to starting position)

-10 x Bicycles on each side (lay on back, bring opposite knee to opposite elbow)

-15 x Sit-Ups (hold weight above head while doing traditional sit-ups.)

We finished with a few running accelerations back and forth across the gym.

It was fun to lead a group in this sort of stuff, I’d never done it before and I was a little nervous it would be awkward but it felt totally natural and I think everyone who came (four faculty members) appreciated the work-out.

Sometimes, we just need someone to lead us through a work-out, no matter how easy, and I was happy to be that person for my fellow faculty members.

As always, if you ever have questions about any of my work-outs, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to elaborate.  This one’s pretty bare-bones in my description mostly because, well, I’m lazy.

Do you like to strength train or are you all about the cardio? Anyone got any good exercises to add to these?


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Me Not Dead

Contrary to what you might believe given the dearth of posting on my blog, I am not dead. I’m actually very much alive.

I am, however, stuck in the sludge of several horrible, no-good, very-bad weeks.

Hopefully we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program next week.  Or maybe I’ll move to Australia.*

In the attempt to cheer myself up slightly, I just googled “puppies” and spent the last 10 minutes giggling and sighing over all the cuteness. Since you probably need some more puppy in your life, here’s my favorite photo that I found:


Haha! Just kidding, I think puppies are actually kind of freaky when they’re just born…Anyways, fo’ realz, here’s my favorite…



Couldn’t you just die? I feel better already…


*Tell me you get the reference…

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Alright, don’t pee your pants just yet, it’s nothing that great.  But first and foremost, I registered for the MORE Magazine Half-Marathon in New York City’s Central Park on April 3!



This is exciting for two reasons.  First, it will be the first race I’ve run since the Boston Marathon in April of 2010.  Second, I’m running it with a group of co-workers from my school, most of whom are beginner runners.  I’m leading training sessions twice a week and will be emailing out a weekly run schedule.

Basically, it feels like my first real (well, only semi-real since I’m not getting paid) coaching gig, which is AWESOME.  As in, feels like the babiest of baby steps towards one of my life’s goals, which is to be a paid running coach (hence this blog!)

Anyways, while I won’t be running the race for a personal record, I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty damn emotional when my 12 female co-workers cross the finish line, some of them for the first time.  Oh yeah, did I mention it’s an all-women race? Girl power, roowr!

I’ll be sure to post more about our half-marathon training sessions, as well as our weekly mileage and work-out schedule as we get into things

And the second exciting thing to happen to me today? I took Perri for her first run and it was a grand ol’ success! Turns out, I somehow managed to adopt my dog soul-mate (in my ways than one.  But we won’t go there because you’ll all think I’m nuts.) In short, little Perri loves running!

At first, she was all like, ‘I wanna sniff the urine of every single other dog who has walked past here in the last 10 years’ but once I got her moving, there was no stopping her.

She was running all out, ears back, galloping at a pace that even I struggled to keep up with.  It reminded me of when I was little and used to just run, as fast as I could, like there was no tomorrow and no on could catch me, ever. Yes, I’m 100% sure that’s exactly how she felt (feel free to stifle your laughter at my craziness, oh about…now.)

We managed to get out for about 25 minutes, with a bunch of stops along the way (I jogged in place while she sniffed.)

You know what? Running with my dog is a million times better than running by myself.  I’ll definitely be doing this more often.  Suh-weeeeet!

For a Monday, this day wasn’t too terrible, thanks to the above incidents.  It’s the little things in life, eh?

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Random Funny

In my line of work (PE teacher), we say the word “balls” all the time.  As in, “big balls,” “heavy balls,” “blue balls,” etc.  And every single time, the 12-year-old inside me has trouble keeping a straight face but I have to because kindergartners don’t get the joke and couldn’t care less if I’m laughing at some dirty innuendo, all they want to do is…

Yup, play with balls.

See? It’s funny every time.

Someday I’ll grow up and get over this but I don’t think it will be anytime soon because my co-worker is in his mid-thirties and he still thinks it’s hilarious as well.

That’s all I got, I’ll be back to running posts as soon as I get my arse in gear to actually run!


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