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Every year, from about the middle of October to Jan 1st, I always feel like there’s more to look forward to than ever before.  Let’s take a look at the run-down…

First off, I love fall.  Apples, cider donuts, pumpkins, changing leaves, cooler running weather…I love it all.


Then comes Halloween. Halloween involves an abundance of free candy, therefore making it the most bomb holiday ever.

Within the following two weeks, Pete and I celebrate our 27th and 28th birthdays, respectively, which always involves multiple dinners out and lots of giving and receiving of presents (I love presents. Love them.  Like, to an embarassing degree.)

Then comes Thanksgiving, a holiday that is 100% centered around eating as much delicious food as can possibly be stuffed into one’s belly, so obviously I’m down that one.  Then Hannukah usually makes an appearance (presents!) , then Christmas(more presents!) and finally New Years Eve (whohoo!) Not to mention the holiday parties and events that have already started padding out calendars.

By the way, I swear I’m not as much of a spoiled brat as the above paragraph makes me sound, I just get unnecessarily excited by the thought of presents.

And clearly, all these events involve copious amounts of awesome food.  I rarely try and hold back during the holidays, I love to eat way too much to deprive myself and many of my favorite goodies are only around during this time of year.  I do, however, try to maintain some semblance of a running routine to combat the inevitable weight gain.  Five pounds is my accepted limit and usually running most days helps me maintain that.

Plus, food tastes so much better knowing that you’ve earned it; guilt sometimes leaves a funny aftertaste, ya know?

So I signed up for a 4-mile race in Central Park the weekend before Thanksgiving in an effort to get motivated.  I won’t be shooting for a good time because I’m doing it through my job, so I’ll probably run with a group of parents (I teach elementary physical education.)

But it should be fun and a good way to get my run on during the holidays!

Do you have any secrets to prolonging the inevitable holiday weight gain?


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I know a lot of runners who are obsessed with running.  Like, run every single day, rain or shine, without taking a break.  I am not one of those runners.  I firmly believe in the power of cross-training and I know my body’s limits.  If I were to run every single day, I’d be injured quicker than when I have to sprint to the bathroom after completing long run (what? You don’t have that problem?)

For example, even though it’s a beautiful (albeit brisk) fall morning, I’m going to a conditioning class at my gym with my dear high school friend, in an effort to catch up while getting in our requisite cardiovascular activity.  Some runners might scoff at this but I say “phooey” to all those who would.

Since I’m on my feet almost all day (I teach physical education,) my shins and arches can only take so much pounding.  So about two or three times a week (depending on my motivation) I cross-train.  Sometimes I elliptical, sometimes I do strength training, sometimes I do the stairmaster and today, I’m taking a class.

Personally, I think cross-training actually improves my running ability.  This way, when I hit the pavement tomorrow, my step will be springy (or fall-y? HA!) and my shins won’t ache.

Does running only three to four days a week make me less of a “runner?” Not in my mind.  Something to consider to those of you out there who are hesitant to call yourselves “runners” because you think you don’t run “enough.” Do you have a pair of running shoes? Do you frequently go outside of your house in these sneakers and put one foot in front of the other in a motion that is faster than walking?

If you answered yes to these (silly, rhetorical) questions, then you’re a runner, just like me.

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Where to start…

Truthfully, I’m not so sure where to start.  I feel like I should give a broad, overarching summary of what my vision for this blog and what I hope to accomplish my starting it the but I’m just not that organized or motivated to bust that out.  So I’ll let things evolve and see what happens.

First off, I said this already and you may (being the geniuses that you all are) have figured out that I like to run.  My PR (that’s personal record for you running newbies) for a marathon came when I ran the Boston Marathon in April 2010, where I clocked a 3:12:56. It took a whole lotta pain and tears to get that time but I was oh so happy when I crossed the finish line.

Just for fun, here’s a shot of me at Mile 16, taken by my mom…


I also used to blog about my wedding over at Running to the Wedding and was Mrs Trail Mix on Weddingbee.  Sadly, with my wedding almost 6 months behind me, I think it’s time to talk about something else (pretty sure the topic of “wedding” has been beaten to death with my friends and family.)

My plans are to run a half-marathon this spring (2011) and then a full marathon next fall, all the while blogging about my experiences.  I’ll post my work-outs, talk about training tips and delve into the psyche (psycho?) of a long-distance runner (with probably a bit of whining thrown in for good measure on the hardest days.)

I’m also a running coach here in New York City.  I’m working with a few runners right now of all ages and abilities but always looking for new clients, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or inquiries!

And finally, just for fun, a few random facts about me…

1. I’ve been known to finish entire pints of Ben and Jerry’s on my own.

2. I’m borderline scary-obsessed with my dog (a 6-month-old Boston/Jack Russell moppet. Oh, what’s that? You want to see a photo? Well, I guess since you all begged and pleaded…)

3. I live in New York City but grew up in rural upstate New York and the country is where my heart lies.  Someday we’ll return.

4.  I had really short hair in high school but we shall never, ever speak of that fact again.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back soon!




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If you’re reading this, that means you somehow managed to find this blog before I’ve actually started it.  I’ll get there soon, I promise.  But a quick blurb about what it will be to hopefully entice you to return once I’m actually posting…

Running keeps me sane and healthy.  I’ve run 3 full marathons and 5 half-marathons and I’m planning to up both of those numbers in 2011.  I’ll discuss every and all things running and perhaps dabble in the worlds of fitness and health (or my lack, thereof.) Plus, a few other odds and ends, should I feel so inclined…

Hope to see you around again soon!

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